Airy Interior Design with Openness to Integrate the Natural Elements

By | 03/27/2018

Entitled as Casa la Roca, this contemporary home is wonderfully done by Parque Humano in airy interior design to create the totally cozy atmosphere. Nested in the beautiful Valle de Bravo, Mexico, this home celebrates the beautiful natural view with rough cliff hill and sparkling sea view. Not only sporting the great airy room interior design, each room is perfectly designed to employ clean white color to integrate the scenery well.

Airy Interior Design for White Rooms

Stepping inside this contemporary home, you can find the minimalist white interior forming the main impression of this living space. Just take a look at the light airy interior design for the main and open living area. As you can see, this white room truly provides the airy feeling easily. The airy interior design is also accentuated by its minimalist style to create the clean impression, thus releasing this room from the weight to create such a light atmosphere.

Gorgeous Natural Elements for Airy Interior Design

Another striking yet notable feature of this minimalist white interior is the simple but great touch offered by the generous use of wood element. Well, it is certainly easy to spot the beautiful modern wooden furniture, isn’t it? You can spot it easily on the beautiful dining set as well as on the cabinetry employing the TV room. Not only providing the beautiful accent to decorate this room, the wood element also helps adding the warmth to enhance the amenities of the airy interior design for this open room.

Designed with glass walls, you can find how easy it is to integrate the beautiful natural scenery outdoors into this room. This integration is also made easier as the nature of white color as a neutral one. However, the expanding glass walls also offer the establishment of strong indoor-outdoor connection, which can make the outdoor lounge simply as extension for this living area. Our favorite element is the truly refreshing green splash which can make the airy interior design even more comforting.

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