Contemporary Home Design Providing Comfortable Warm Interior

By | 03/26/2018

This incredible contemporary home design in Singapore is a brilliant work of ONG&ONG. This two storey residence offers the open and spacious living area that opens to the fresh home courtyard with greeneries to act as buffer to protect the privacy. The interior itself is simply beautiful with warm atmosphere for truly comfortable living experience in one of the most modern cities on earth.

Beautiful Contemporary Home Design with Fresh Outdoor Space

As this home is perfectly shut from public, the contemporary modern home design allows this living space to open to its courtyard. This outdoor space is designed with refreshing outdoor pool and greeneries enough to provide the fresh atmosphere. There is a cozy lounge that is nested on the bed over the pool. Just imagine how great it feels to enjoy the afternoon tea in this space! However, the refreshing vibe does not exclusively belong to this outdoor lounge. The generous use of transparent glass element for this contemporary home design perfectly brings in the freshness into the living area.

Contemporary Home Design Wrapped by Warm Atmosphere

Walking into the open living area employing the space on ground level, you will be charmed by the gorgeous contemporary interior home design that allows the classic and traditional style to please your eyes. This results in the beautiful and elegant interior to enhance the beauty of this contemporary home design. Let’s move to this beautiful living room and find how its bright and white interior is perfectly accented by warm color splash provided by its beautiful decor. For us, we simply cannot take our eyes off of the antique rug that blends beautifully with the modern white sofas.

Another element defining the warmth of this contemporary home is the use of wooden floor. Just take a look at this hallway on the upper level. Matching the warm wooden tone is the use of wooden shelves to employ the white wall spaces while helping in building the warm atmosphere. However, you can also find how the great use of transparent glass element for the wall space can enhance the amenities of this contemporary home design, as the warmth mixed with freshness can create the even more comfortable feeling.

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