Modern Villa Design Encompassing the Brightness and Airy Atmosphere

By | 03/31/2018

Edward Suzuki Associates has done working on this modern villa design that is nested on Hayama, a beautiful beach area of Honshu, Japan. As you can see, the location of this beautiful villa makes it a perfect retreat to spend the summer holidays. This impression is emphasized perfectly as the sparkling sea view is designed to be the focal point for this modern villa.

Modern Villa Design with Uncluttered Interior

Walking into this seafront villa, you will be greeted by the bright and uncluttered interior. It is just as expected from any Japanese home, even the modern one, isn’t it? Just take a look at the modern villa design for this ultra spacious and open living area. The minimalist white walls and ceiling is beautifully matched by light wooden floor. This minimalist style itself has made this room clean and neat with plenty of available space for a family gathering.

Moving upstairs, you can find the same uncluttered interior as part of the modern villa design ideas for the rooms occupying there too. Just take a look at this beautiful room which can be a perfect space for bedroom, which displays the splendid traditional Japanese style. As you can see, the tatami floor is really beautiful. Isn’t it? You can also find the beautiful Japanese sliding doors, named shoji, to provide privacy while keeping the noise away. This soothing and relaxing vibe of this modern villa design is simply another plus point from this zen-inspired interior.

Modern Villa Design Embracing the Natural View and Elements

Another striking point from this modern villa to inspire your contemporary villa design is the generous use of transparent glass element. Let’s go back to the open living area and find how both of its expanding wall spaces are designed to feature this element. This way, you can see how the sparkling sea view on one side and rough cliff outdoors on the other side can be incorporated beautifully. It is also thanks to the choice of white color for this modern villa design which can make it easier in integrating those natural textures and colors.

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