Unique Home Design with Extraordinary Impression to Keep the Privacy

By | 04/01/2018

Entitled as Cell Brick, this unique home in Tokyo, Japan will inspire you with its irregularities. This brilliant work of Atelier Tekuto can show you the extraordinary way in preserving the privacy without neglecting the aesthetic aspect of its exterior, especially since the limited lot makes it impossible to add perimeter walls. This also influences the interior to appear stunning despite its minimalist look.

Unique Home with Unique Exterior Design Idea

Let’s start from this home exterior first. Despite its simple block shape, the unique home designs for the exterior displays the carefully arranged square windows in symmetrical way. As the windows can help the interior of this unique home in providing the natural lights, you can find how this exterior design is brilliantly done to keep this home shut from public too. It seems a great idea too since this contemporary home is exactly built by the pedestrian walkways.

Unique Home Design Displaying Functionality for Minimalist Interior

Walking into this home, the extraordinary interior is even more breathtaking. You can find easily on how the exterior design of this unique home can influence its interior easily. Besides, the result is really dramatic as well, isn’t it? The gridded details wrapping the walls and ceilings are simply exquisite, providing catchy details effortlessly. It is also thanks to the minimalist interior too. Displaying the cool monochrome color palette as part of the unique home ideas, this home interior thus benefits the great lighting effect too.

Another noticeable aspect from this home interior is the limited space available. This way, you can see that the choice of minimalist interior style becomes truly reasonable. However, the minimalist style doesn’t mean the lack of creativity and beauty aspect. Just take a look at this cool kitchen space with open bedroom on the corner. As you can see, the unique design of this contemporary home is not merely for aesthetics purpose, as this unique home can provide instant storage spaces for its wall spaces thoroughly

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